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<SOLVED>ActiveQt signal not fired to com interface Qt4.8.4

  • Hello,
    It seems that signals of QAxBindable are not fired correctly.
    As it doesn't work in my own ActiveQt project, I have tested the Qt4.8.4 simple Example (QSimpleAX) in Qt 4.8.4 "Active X Control Test Container" and when I moved slider or changed the text, there is no signal in the application "Signal log". There is only some property changed in the "Property log". Signals are reported with other ActiveX server like "Microsoft Text box"
    I missed something or there is a bug in Qt ?

    I use Qt 4.8.4 msvc32 on Windows 7 64


  • Just tested with Qt5.0.2 => same problem :-(

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    You should bring this problem on the Qt mailing list you might have more chances to get an useful answer there, this forum is generally not followed by Qt's developers.

    Did you also check if there was a bug report about this subject ?

  • Before opening a bug report, I want to be sure and I would like to know if someone use activeQt and catch event from the created activex component in a web page (Javascript).

    Yes, I have checked if there was a bug report about it... Not found.

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    Then again, also ask on the mailing list, it might get the attention of other people using ActiveQt

  • -There was a problem in my .rc- file.
    Sorry, don't come from the .rc file. it come from the lack of the .def file in the project file:

    Know signal are fired.

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    Great you found out !
    Can you share what the problem was ? So if other stumble upon the same problem they'll have less trouble fixing it

  • After copying the content of QSimpleAX in other folder, copy the files :

    • qaxserver.def
    • qaxserver.rc
    • qaxserver.ico
      from $$QT_SOURCE_TREE\src\activeqt\control in the new project folder
      Use this .pro file :
      @TEMPLATE = app
      TARGET = simpleax

    CONFIG += qt warn_off qaxserver

    SOURCES = main.cpp
    RC_FILE = qaxserver.rc
    DEF_FILE = qaxserver.def

    Then the control will work well in "ActiveX Control Test Container".

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