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Project RUN error in Qt Failed to start program. Path or Permission wrong?

  • Hi,

    I installed Qt 2.4.1 and Run from the compile on terminal.

    I created New Project,,,,, Qt Widget Project/Qt Gui Application ..... in following path.


    I put one "lable" in widget.ui and I successfully build this project.

    But when I run this project the following error generate:

    *starting /home/rd/test/test....
    Failed to start program. Path or Permission wrong?
    /home/rd/test/test exited with code -1

    Please help.


  • Maybe check if your shadow build is set properly. The shadowbuild will put all output files in a different folder than your source code, which is highly recommended btw.

  • Does the file creator tries to run exist in the first place?

    Do you have all the necessary permissions to run it?

    Can you run it from the command line outside Qt Creator?

    Does creator set the PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH/WHATEVER_THIS_IS_CALLED_ON_MAC so that required libraries are found?

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