Help using Graphics Scene "rubber-band" selection...

  • I have a Scene that I can export as an SVG file fairly happily... but a feature I would like to include is to rubber-band select a region and export that - and the export is clipped to that region. Is there a way to achieve this?

    The issues I am concerned about are:

    • will items that are only partially within the region be selected at all;
    • how can I clip such partial items to the region boundary?


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    how do you create your SVG file? Something like this?
    QSvgGenerator svg;
    QPainter painter( &svg );
    scene->render( &painter );

    If so you can create a QRubberBand object on the viewport and on mouse release you can "map": the rect of the QRubberBand to the scene rect.

    scene->render(&painter, QRectF(), mappedArea );

  • Yes that is how I'm rendering, essentially.

    The map option looks interesting... I'll have a go. Thanks

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