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Linux Audio Mess and Qt

  • Everyone who had to deal with audio in Linux knows that it is a real mess. Now it seems that this mess has infected Qt Audio module on Linux.

    I work on an audio player based on libsndfile and QT Audio. While on Windows there are no problems with underlying audio system I have massive problems on Linux. I'm using Debian wheezy and it looks like it comes with pulseaudio QT plugin only. No way to use ALSA directly. I understand this might be a problem of the distribution but can someone tell me what is the policy from QT side about dealing with this stuff? Is it wanted by Qt that Mutimedia support is handled by plugins only? If so, why isn't there an ALSA plugin? There are implementations of QAudio classes for ALSA in the QT source code, why are they not included as a plugin?

    I personally don't like pulseaudio and don't want users od my application to be forced to install it. BTW I also don't like ALSA because of it's horrible almost non existing documentation and the fact you never know exactly what happens inside of it. It is ridiculues that ALSA guys are not able to make a good documentation after 15 years of development! The only good sound APIs on Linux are OSS and JACK in my opinion. I'd love to have JACK support in QT Multimedia, are there any plans to support it?

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    You might have better chance to get an answer posting on the mailing list, there are only few (if at all) Qt maintainers that follow this forum.

  • A bit late, but checkout QJackAudio: https://github.com/cybercatalyst/qjackaudio

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