Show html tags in tableview

  • Hi,

    May i know how can i display html tags in a tableview.
    For example:
    I have an entry in my database <a href="goo">hello</a>.. When i get values from the database and put it in my tableview. The cell must have the value "hello" as an hyperlink.

    Can any one please help me.

  • Let the cell contain a [[doc:QLabel]] and use your html code ( <a >) in the label.

  • Hi,

    But in the cell the data is displayed as <a >hello</a>. But i wanted it to display only "hello".
    May i know this.


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    Edit: sorry forget this. I misunderstood it...

    QTableView has no possibility to display richtext by default.
    You will have to implement a QItemDelegate and return a QLabel as editor widget. Then you have to turn the cell in "edit mode":openPersistentEditor ( const QModelIndex & index ) where you want to show the link.

    check out the "star delegate exmaple": for reference.

  • Thanks. It worked. The link is shown.
    As a link if i specify the path to a file.That is Suppose i wanted to open a local file in an editor , instead of opening a site in web browser. May i know how can i do this.


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  • Hi

    I have an .cpp file in my local directory. I wanted to open it in an editor when i click on the link.
    I have given the following.

    but it doesnt work .it opens some site on my webbrowser.

    Should i change the reference link given in the database.As of now it is like the following
    <a href=":Plus1.png">hello</a>

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    QLabel::setOpenExternalLinks() takes a bool as parameter and tells QLabel to open hyperlinks using QDesktopServices::openUrl() ... not the way you are doing it

    since your url starts with ":" and not with "file:///" the OS tries to open it in the web browser. Use "QUrl::fromLocalFile()":

    for example:
    QUrl::fromLocalFile("C:/file.txt"); //returns QUrl("file:///C:/file.txt")

  • May i know in database what ref should i give?
    Currently it is.
    <a >hello</a>

  • Now the link have given is


    Still it is trying to open in the browser and say file not found. I wanted to open the file in text editor or some editors. May i know this?

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    i don't get it... Why do you use setOpenExternalLinks() this way? As i said it takes a bool parameter.
    Thus QLabel will do the work with QDesktopServices::openUrl() for you already.

    What is the following output:
    qDebug() << QUrl::fromLocalFile(”/fullpathtothefile/Plus1.txt”);
    This should work ... only as long as the file exists:

  • Thank You. It works now.

    My doubt is then what is the use of setOpenExternalLinks(). Will that be implicitly called by QDesktopServices::openUrl(QUrl("file:///fullpathtothefile/Plus1.txt")).


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    [quote author="deepakkakkeel" date="1369288923"]
    My doubt is then what is the use of setOpenExternalLinks(). Will that be implicitly called by QDesktopServices::openUrl(QUrl("file:///fullpathtothefile/Plus1.txt")).[/quote]
    You are kidding right?! You must be because i already posted it twice in this thread what setOpenExternalLinks() does and how to use it!

  • Sorry actually i was not able to understand the concept thoroughly.

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