Visualise a data structure (Tree) in a QGraphicsScene

  • Hi all!

    I am developing a small application in witch I have to construct a tree of data then transform it to a graphic (root node, vertices and edges) using the GraphicsView framework.

    any idea, how to do that ?

    thanks in advance.

  • GraphicsView doesn't offer any ready-made items for a tree.

    You can try inserting a QTreeView or QTreeWidget as a QGraphicsProxyWidget into the scene.
    Pros: Use of an existing widget
    Cons: Performance. Probably some pitfalls when using QGraphicsProxyWidget that I don't know about.

    You can compose everything yourself, using Lines, Rectangles and Text.
    Pros: High performance, looking exactly the way you want
    Cons: A lot of work

  • Hi,
    Well it's not exactly a tree, It's an oriented graph : "the reachability graph of a Petri Net": !

    I begin by drawing a Petri Net in a QGraphicsScene then building the graph !

    please any help !

  • Take a look at the ElasticNodes and the DiagramScene samples (under graphicsview). Between the two, you should find pretty much everything you need.

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