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Android and ios camera support

  • How can I tak a snapshot and use camera using qt in android and ios? Is this even possible?


  • Qt Creator 3.2.2 (enterprise)
    Based on Qt 5.3.2 (Clang 5.1 (Apple), 64 bit)

    Running the Camera Example (widget based) on Android/Nexus7 and iOS Simulator the examples do not work. There is no camera preview window displayed..just a blank area to the left of the button group.

    Understandable in the iOS Sim as there are no camera devices found when the example does its startup. The Android example discovers both "front" and "back" camera devices but again there is no camera preview window displayed ..just a blank area to the left of the button group.

    The declarative-camera example (QML based) DOES work on the Nexus7 device but again not on the iOS camera.

    Does the iOS simulator not have the ability to use the camera? Is there a way to configure the iOS Simulator to define a camera? Haven't located one.


  • I think not for now.

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