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How to delete a bunch of Run configurations

  • I created a lot of unit test executables using a cmake based project. This results in an Run configuration for every of that tests. If I disable the test generation in cmake, QtCreator (2.7.0) still shows the Run configuration with "(disabled)". How is it possible to purge the list from all run configurations or all disabled run configurations?

  • PS: The only workaround I found is to delete "CMakeLists.txt.user".

    File "CMakeLists.txt.user" contains all the Run configurations. But there is no mark whether a configuration is enabled/disabled - expect in the name, but is mark is language dependent (en: "disabled", de: "deaktiviert").

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    Deleting the .user file will wipe all your project-related settings. As soon as you open the project again the runconfigurations will be regenerated anyway, so it does not even help to delete the file.

    If you do not want to be able to run the files, maybe you should not even bother to put them into the build system?

  • Reason for "my" workflow is, to develop one module of an application, test it, done. Start same steps the next module.

    The to build unit tests increase over the time, but only a few one are necessary to check my current work. All other tests are performed by CIS.

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