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[SOLVED] Best practice for cross-platform third party library linking

  • Hi all,
    I’m a beginner using Qt.
    Until now I’ve developed using mostly (VB | C#) & .Net Framework.

    I'm try to understand which is the best way to link a third party library in a cross-platfrom project (Win+OSx).
    In concrete: I'm tryng to use the librory provided from this vendor: "Feitian - Rockey4nd":
    I downloaded "ROCKEY4ND Windows SDK" (note: this is gz compressed non zip) and "ROCKEY4ND MAC SDK".
    In the SDKs there are a lot of examples but I cannot understand which one I can use with Qt (nor which is the best).

    Is there a way to use win library and osx library in the same project?
    or have I to split in two separated projects?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi.
    Yes, you can do everything with the same project.
    For example I use FFmpeg libraries in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android.

  • OK Thanks!
    Do you know a good opensoucre esample that I can study?

  • I think that if you're a developer is not necessary an example but only some good advice. Now I haven't a project to share.

    • Please open qtcreator uning mingw and not msvc.
    • Use the wizard to produce a dll. Create in it a function.
    • Done that, please create a Qt project and use the dll.
      Bye bye.

    If you have a trouble doing that please send me an email.

  • You can use several libraries for more than 1 platform in the same project. Look for the qmake manuals, specifying the platform can be "read here":

  • If you are reading this thread and you need help
    send me a request :)

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