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  • Good morning to all,
    I need to develop C++ applications and design GUIs for the industry that I work for.
    Industrial environments are usually not up to date, since they are using tried and tested technologies, e.g. RS-232, RS-485, modbus etc.
    As a starting project I want to develop a graphical application that will communicate with a PLC using the modbus/RTU protocol.
    I want to use Qt and QML and of cource C++.
    My development/target PC has the following SW configuration.
    Windows XP
    Visual Studio 2005.
    I would be very gratefull if someone could produce a very simple step by step guide on how to start developing for this machine, as your experience has showed. All and all I ask for the version of Qt that is compatible with my machine and any other info that you think is useful.

  • Hi Umbaman!
    Welcome to DevNet.
    For starting Qt development better use last versions of the library. For now last official stable version is Qt 5.0.1 (but i take a look at Qt 5.1 beta1 and it is work very well out of box). And ofcource for beginners better use precompilled binaries. But precompilled binaries are only available for VS 2010, VS 2012 and MinGW. So you need install VS 2010 on your XP machine and download VS 2010 version of binaries or download MinGW "binaries": which includes necessary compiler.
    About documentation: You can get "getting started" info from "doc": and "":
    Good luck!

  • Hi qxoz
    Thanks very much for the reply...
    I really appreciate it

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