Deploying my project... where to start?

  • Ok, I am fairly aware that this question is answered somewhere... but I find hundreds of items in the search which don't quite contain what I am looking for... so I have not just been lazy :o

    Here's my situation:

    I have made a Qt console application on Ubuntu using Qt SDK 5.0.2 and its all working nicely.

    But now I want to deploy it on a "clean" Ubuntu system. I could install the Qt libraries (i.e. Qt SDK) and then drop my output executable on that PC and run it... which works.

    However I am seeing posts regarding creating packages that can do everything needed for you. Perhaps like a .run file?

    Can someone point me to a post/wiki that covers this? - or if the question is simple then a simple (if there is one) answer would be most appreciated! :)


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    Since you're on ubuntu, you could make a deb package (search for something like ubuntu how to create deb package)

  • thanks!, I will start with that... :)

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