Qt5 multi monitor support

  • hi all,
    we are planning to use freescale i.mx6 processor with two displays. the software platform we would be using is a qt application under linux without X11. We have only one process with qt and we will be using qt5. The software shows different widgets on different displays. The displays are accessible under different framebuffers, say first display is /dev/fb0 and second one is /dev/fb1. My question is if it is possible to drive both displays with only one qt-application using eglfs or should we consider another software layer like X11 or wayland?
    Any experiences similar to this ? Advices ?

  • I have been around with the same question but got no answer yet #.#.

  • Is there already an update to this? I'm also interested in multi-monitor support in Qt5 because in Qt4.8 you could move windows in QWS around with ease - is this still possible in Qt5? Only read something about a completely new QScreen class...

    Any suggestions so far?

  • See my reply to http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/35755/#157728

    There's no way to change the framebuffer device with eglfs at the moment. We need to address this so that eglfs is at least on par with linuxfb with this respect. That would allow running different Qt apps on different displays.

    Discovering all the fbs and exposing a new screen (as in QScreen) for each of them, in order to allow showing different content on different displays from the same application, is a slightly bigger task. We'll see what we can do about this in 5.3.

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