How to control correctly an external Application (is there any other way except QProcess?)

  • Hi,

    I have a NON-GUI application runnning as a Service on my device lets call it "A" application.
    Now I need some GUI-Application "B", where user can start and stop applicaiton "A" by pushing "start"- and "stop"-Buttons.
    I tried to use QProcess for starting some external Applications from the current one, i made simple example. But after running this example i noticed, when i close this GUI-Application "B", of course all processes i started within it -> in this case my Application A process will be killed together with application B.

    Is there any other way to start external application A from application B, and let A run, after exiting B. And close Application A later from Application B when it will be needed.

    (i'm developing with QT 4.6.3, QtMobility 1.0.2 for nokia C05-00)

    I would be glad about any help or tipp for my problem.

    Thank you in Advance!

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