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[SOLVED] How to use showMessage() for statusBar when permanent widgets are added ?

  • Whenever I add permanent Widgets with a stretch factor, I'm not able to show temporary messages on the status bar. The permanent widgets are occupying all of the available space and obscuring it. It works if there is no stretch factor specified and the widgets don't occupy the entire status bar.
    Is there any workaround for this ?

    What i tried :-
    I so far tried adding Normal widgets to hold place for the temporary messages, but in this case, as soon as i show a temporary message, the permanent widgets occupy the space of the normal widgets as well and I get the same result.

  • You can always subclass QStatusBar Widget and reimplement paintEvent.

  • I wish there was a simpler way of doing this. But that works.
    Marked it as solved.

    Any further replies on any simpler approaches are appreciated.

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