Xcb error: 1 (BadRequest)

  • Hello,
    I have Qt5 app and I am trying tu autostart it in ~/.xsession script but it fails with following output:
    [Warning]: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 1 (BadRequest), sequence: 153, resource id: 0, major code: 151 (Unknown), minor code: 20
    [Debug]: Caused some time before: qxcbscreen.cpp:159
    [Debug]: Screen output default of xcb screen 0:
    [Debug]: width..........: 271.000000
    [Debug]: height.........: 203.000000
    [Debug]: geometry.......: 1024 x 768 +0 +0
    [Debug]: virtual width..: 271.000000
    [Debug]: virtual height.: 203.000000
    [Debug]: virtual geom...: 1024 x 768
    [Debug]: avail virt geom: 1024 x 768 +0 +0
    [Debug]: depth..........: 24
    [Debug]: white pixel....: ffffff
    [Debug]: black pixel....: 0
    [Debug]: refresh rate...: 60
    [Debug]: root ID........: 63
    [Debug]: Primary output is 0: default
    [Debug]: Primary output is 0: default
    Application wont crash, but nothing is displayed.
    If I login to my machine via ssh and I try to run app manualy it starts fine.
    I have removed it from ~/.xsession, restarted machine and connected via ssh. On first run it prints same output, on second try it starts fine. Can anyone advice me what am I doing wrong, or what am I missing?

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