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How to start a qprocess for opening files with a batch file?

  • Hi everyone!
    I am trying to open a qprocess that must open a .bat file that will compile another file. This is what I tried:
    QProcess p;
    p.start("C:/beez.bat", QStringList() << "E:/files/test.sma");

    I also tried this:

    QProcess::startDetached("C:/beez.bat E:/files/test.sma");

    When I execute this code, it just open the batch file without opening the .sma file (an extension I created). I can modify the sequence, I have to use the .bat file to opening it. Can you help me?

    Best Regards

  • What do you mean by, "it just open the batch file without opening the .sma file"? The program opens the BAT file in an editor, opens a black console window in which nothing happens, runs the BAT file but it malfunctions, something else?

    Possibly you need to start cmd.exe with appropriate arguments to run the BAT file:
    p.start("cmd.exe", QStringList() << "/C" << "C:\beez.bat" << "E:\files\test.sma");

  • Thanks for your answer as you sait the problem was arguments.
    The bat file I am using was used in console window so I made an editor in order to make it easier to use. When the user ends writing his code, he saves it (in a .sma file) and run it. So the BAT file, opens in a console window with the .sma file in argument and read it and display the result.

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