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Qt Creator 2.7.0 reseting toolchain.xml -SOLVED

  • Hello,

    I have added MSVC 2012 manually to the toolchain.xml but every time I start qt creator it replaces the xml with a default (0 tool-chains) xml. is there any way to stop the creator from doing this?

    many thanks,

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    No, creator should auto-detect MSVC and will ignore whatever you wrote about it in toolchain.xml.

    The interesting question for me is: Why does creator not autodetect MSVC 2012 for you so that you have to fiddle with the xml file in the first place? How did you install MSVC 2012?

  • well, I followed the instructions on "this": on how to install the compiler without installing the entire visual studio (using some of the msi file that have been modified with Orca).

    in the past I have installed the entire VS and it was detected.
    so, are there any env. variables or/and registry entries that need to be set in order fro Creator to detect VC 2012?

    Many thanks,

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    Let me put it like this: You are firmly in unsupported land with that!

    What you could try to add the registry keys that creator uses to pick up MSVC... Check the autodetect method on "MsvcToolChainFactory": for details. That is most likely easier to do than changing creator to accept MSVC settings from its XML file.

    added a Registry Key "11.0" on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\SxS\VS7 (create the VS7 if it doesn't exist).

    this thing will trick QT creator to think there is a visual studio installed. this thing works well with the installation instruction on "the page I mentioned above": so now QT Creator can be used with MSVC2012 without installing the complete Visual Studio.

    I really hope that in the future they will bring back the option of adding MSVC compiler manually.

    thanks all

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