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Why are portable OGL functions omitted from QOpenGLFunctions in Qt 5.1?

  • I just noticed that QOpenGLFunctions doesn't feature a number of OpenGL functions, allegedly because they work with every (supported by Qt) version of OpenGL.

    Now, I realize that the very reason for the addition of the QOpenGLFunctions class is to make graphics programing safer, and the omitted functions are immune to incompatibilities, but still, I'd rather see QOpenGLFunctions feature ALL supported OpenGL functions, using QOpenGLFunctions for some functions and vanilla OpenGL functions for other is just not uniform. I think it would be better to get it ... sort of "all under one roof" solution instead of going back and forth.

    Is there any particular downside to having all compatible functions in QOpenGLFunctions, including those who cannot possibly be incompatible?

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