Segmentation fault with SQL objects in Qt 5, not in 4

  • Hi. I have a project that uses classes QSqlTableModel and QTableView, with SQLIte.

    When I built this project using Qt 4.8.5, it worked. Once I built it with Qt 5.0.2, it started giving me 'Segmentation Fault' terminal errors.

    Among other places, the error is occurring upon calling the QTableView::setCurrentIndex() on a subclassed object of QTableView. I've verified that the index that I'm sending it is a valid QModelIndex.

    Is there an issue with accessing or working with databases in Qt 5 that might be the source of my error?


  • I think the cause could be my version of Perl is only 5.10, not 5.14.


    Although these instructions are about building from Git and I am building from scratch. I think they still apply. I'll need to build Perl separately, since my distro of Linux doesn't package it.

  • I cannot find where to point the ./configure process to my (yet to be installed) 5.14 or newer version of Perl.

    Anyhow, does anyone know where to install my new Perl or how to tell Qt configure where it is?

    If I install the newer Perl (my distro only blesses version 5.10 of Perl) over the system one, I'm afraid it will fry my system.


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