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QtCreator crashing and annoying me

  • Hi,

    I have following set of configuration of my os and qtcreator and related tools:

    What is happening:

    • Build process on QtCreator is damn slow. Right now its taking somewhere around 8-10 minutes do build the project.
    • QtCreator crashes at any moment, may be i am building the project or i am running the project
    • Also, the debug is not working. I have CODA installed on my nokia 603. After putting the breakpoints, when i start the project in
      debug mode, it builds for sometime but as and when the build is about to finish, the device reboots.

    So, all in all, heck lot of issues.

    You must have observed that I am using QtSdk 1.1.2 and not the latest one which is QtSdk 1.2.1.
    I don't know why but 1.1.2 builds my project with couple of warnings but 1.2.1 doesn't. I get qt-libraries missing errors.
    Even when I use 1.1.2 and within that, if i change the build target from 4.7.3 symbian^1 to 4.7.3 symbian^3, the project does not build successfully.

    I am a newbee on qt. Please let me know the right combination of tools to setup a stable QtCreator and how can i reduce the build time and any other fine-tunings.


  • Hi,

    try to use new Qt Download

  • thanks can you tell me the version and download link if possible?

  • Moderators

    Qt Project does not support Nokia products. Just so you know who to blame :) You can try using a newer Qt Creator (it has moved forward a lot since Nokia SDK times), but I you won't have the simulator available.

    Hard to give you any concrete hints without more details, but in general, to speed up compilation, you would need to:

    use forward declarations whenever possible

    include concrete classes, not modules (so: include <QString> but not <QtCore>)

    be careful to only include headers and modules you really need

    switch to llvm/clang (not sure if possible for Nokia devices)

    switch to QBS as the build system (experimental, but faster than qmake)

    In extreme cases this can speed up compilation by more than 60%. But it all depends very much on your code.

  • thanks sierdzio for making few good points.

    but my problem is that i am stuck with an existing qt-project and it is supposed to work on nokia devices only and therefore i am stressing on nokia sdk and devices.

    Moreover, I guess symbian specific qt-sdks have nokia device's specific APIs. But when you say qt-project does not support nokia devices is not completely true. I guess it does support but you might face issues while supporting them. Thats the point where you use nokia provided sdks.

    What more information can i provide for you to help me out with this thing?

    Please let me know.


  • If you want to target Symbian, then I would recommend Qt Creator 2.4.x. The 2.5 series was not tested as thoroughly for Symbian development and the support for Symbian was dropped completely in 2.6.0. So basically: Stick with the Nokia Qt SDK (and maybe even downgrade creator there) for Symbian, it is the only way to get all the tools you need.

    Qbs is nicer than qmake in many ways, but has never supported Symbian development and never will.

    There is no Symbian support in Qt 5 anymore and Nokia did not bother to upgrade Symbian to Qt 4.8.x AFAIK.

  • Maybe you are bitten by the Symbian build system being changed behind the scenes (not sure though whether that happened between qt sdk 1.1 and qt sdk 1.2). Symbian switched from ABLD to Raptor/sbsv2. Both are completely custom build systems for Symbian only and were never used anywhere else (which shows;-).

    SBSv2 is much faster as it supports parallel building which ABLD did not. It might trigger a new set of problems though -- it is a completely different build system after all. You could try forcing the use of ABLD... which will then of course be much slower again.

  • Got it!!

    One more issue. This one is about using the debugger.

    As I told previously, I am using Qt-Creator 2.2.1 based on Qt 4.7.2 i.e Nokia sdk 1.1.2. For communication channel I am using CODA. I put the breakpoints and when I start the debugging, the project builds for some time and when the control is about to hit the first breakpoint, the device reboots. This is happening every time. Has somebody faced this issue before?

    Do I need to setup the Qt-Creator for debugging or its available by default?

    Please help.


  • Please make sure to use the coda that is shipped along with the Qt SDK. Any other version is not compatible with Creator.

  • yes i am using the same but crashing :(
    even though i installed it later to the device.

  • Sorry, I am out of my waters then.

    You can try to contact Nokia over at developer.nokia.com. Maybe they still have some Symbian developers around...

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