Enginio Qt library - Release v0.3.0

  • Hi All,

    0.3.0 version from Enginio Qt library was just released.

    • Library is now provided as a Qt5 module
    • FileOperation was added to QML side
    • File upload was enhanced to support 'chunked' upload mode
    • Bug fixes here and there

    Qt5 module based build system means that following one-liner in client applications .pro files is enough: QT += engine

    All nasty include, install and library paths, etc. details are now automagically handled by the Qt module system. Direct benefit of this change is that the library (and sample apps) work now in Mac OS X environments too.

    For further details how to build and install the library, see its
    "readme file":https://github.com/enginio/enginio-qt/blob/master/README.md

    Also existing sample apps and couple of new ones were migrated to new library version

    Enginio Team

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