Saving QList<QTime> with QSettings

  • Hi all.

    I've been using custom streams operators (<< and >>) for long time to save lists and structures with success.

    But now, I've tried to save a simple list (QTime and bool list) and program crashes:
    @QVariant::save: unable to save type 'QList<QTime>' (type id: 1096).

    ASSERT failure in QVariant::save: "Invalid type to save", file kernel\qvariant.cpp, line 1867@

    In QList docs says that there are both stream operators and says that it works fine if data (QTime, in this case) implements >> and <<, and it seems so.

    Someone knows where am I wrong?


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    Did you try to qRegisterMetaTypeStreamOperators ?

  • Yes I did:
    @ qRegisterMetaType<QTime>("QTime");

    I will write a simpler project just to test it... maybe problem comes form other place.

  • In the simpler project with this code works:
    @ qRegisterMetaType<QTime>("QTime");
    qRegisterMetaType< QList<QTime> >("QList<QTime>");
    qRegisterMetaTypeStreamOperators< QList<QTime> >("QList<QTime>");

    QSettings sett("QtTestList", "QtTestList");
    QList<QTime> listaHoras;
    listaHoras << QTime(1,2,3);
    listaHoras << QTime(4,5,6);
    sett.setValue("test", QVariant::fromValue<QList<QTime> >(listaHoras) );
    listaHoras = sett.value("test").value<QList<QTime> >();
    listaHoras << QTime();@

    I will search what's wrong in the original code. I guess qRegisterMetaTypeStreamOperators are not called before QSettins::setValue(...)


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    It depends on when/where you call the registration functions. Ensure it's done before using QSettings.

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