[SOLVED] In project management, add to version control why only git (and none) is available on the dropdownlist?

  • I'm using QtCreator 2.6.81

    When creating new project, in the project management window, add to version control, why only git (and none) is available on the dropdownlist, when other version control system are set as well?


  • Hi,

    IMHO only git allows you to create directly a versioned project; for CVS, SVN and "centralized VCS" allow only to checkout existing repositories.

    For example, to create a new SVN project you MUST:

    Create a Project Folder with you sources

    Import you code in SVN repository

    the same is valid for CVS.

    I don't know for Mercurial and Bazaar but, are they correctly installed and configured in QtCreator?

  • No but SVN is, I now understand I need to interact with a SVN repository manually, thanks I'll try it!

  • How I said before, in SVN you can't create a project from scratch. You can only interact with a SVN repository

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