GlDrawBuffers doesn't exists in Qt5.0.2

  • Hi folks!

    I'm trying to attach some textures to a QOpenGLFramebufferObject (Qt5.0.2, Mingw32, Angle), and what a surprise: there is no support for such task in the class! So I tried to do it manually and found that the function glDrawBuffers doesn't exist.

    I think it will be supported in Qt5.1, but I would really love to use it right now. Is there any way to do so?

    Thank you!

  • I am seeing the same thing. It'd be nice if they included all of the functions.

    It will compile, but it won't link. Please add this, as well as any other missing functions.


  • mfeemster, I finally compiled Qt5.1 alpha (had no problems!) and it works fine :-)

  • Cool, thanks. I'll do a fresh pull.

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