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Resize widgets inside a widgets when application is running

  • Hey,
    i have implemented a grid like excell with Qt. Untill now i have this "Your text to link here...":

    As you can see i have one vertical table for the vertical headers, one horizontal table for the horizontal headers, some other widgets, and i draw tha grid as you can see in the picture. I have been confused a lot about what layout i should use so the widgets occupy the apropriate amount of space and and when i resize the total window the widgets also resize. So i used the form layout and untill now it seem to be fine.

    Now, i wonder how can i resize the widgets manually when the application is running. For example how can i resize only the vertical table horizontally with my mouse. Of course i don't want the total window to be resized, but the grid and the horizontal table should be resized horizontally.

    I hope i was clear because it's not easy to explain.


  • Show us the code... this depends heavily on how you implemented your widget.

  • unfortunately is a lillte bit big "code":
    _xDimension, _yDimension and _zDimension vectors are the values i want to visualize in the viewport and it comes from a server. I applied the layout from the Designer window. I haven't write any code that has to do with the layout

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