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QT Linguist 4.6.0 always crashes after I open and close a few files.

  • I'm editing translated .ts files, and Linguist always crashes after I open and close a few files. I'm running 4.6.0 on Windows 7. It's been crashing like this since last year when I was running XP on a different PC. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Why are you using an old version?
    Either changing to Qt 4.8.4 or even Qt 5 might solve your problem. At least I would give it shot.

  • Is there a Qt Linguist 4.8.4? That's the only part I use. Do I need to download a larger set of tools to get it?

  • I never used linguist, but it is part of Qt lib suite. I would assume that you cannot download simply Qt linguist. You can download and install Qt libs through this download link.
    It looks like an overkill to download and install more than 200 MB, but that is probably the only fast way to do for you.
    You are probably not using linguist for fun, but for somebody who is using your output. You might want to check with them for a new version.

  • Thanks for your quick reply.

    Linguist was available separately before, that's how I got 4.6.0 from this site. I'm helping the SW team with string translations, and really don't want to install 200 MB just to use Linguist. I'll check with the SW guys to see if they know how to install it separately.

  • You are right it has been separate and still is to be "found here": However, nobody bothered to update from version 4.6.
    This has been also a discussion in an "earlier thread": but the suggestion has been the same.

    You SW guys are probably using a newer version of Qt anyhow. So, they have already downloaded or build an up-to-date version.

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