[SOLVED]Question about Qt classes.

  • Hello, guys.
    I'm newbie to Qt programming and noticed that there are several classes "owners" of this API, as QString instead of String class basic c++. This feature affects the performance of the software or not? And if I need classes that Qt does not support? Classes that don't carry the letter Q in front?
    I honestly did not like it. I would like to use the original classes of C + + without having to do conversions, like
    [code]QString qline = QString::fromStdString(line);[/code]

    Thank You.

  • You can use any STL (or in fact any other classes written in C++) alongside those provided with the Qt framework.

    Have you looked at the documentation? E.g here is the documentation for "QString":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtcore/qstring.html#details

    Almost everything you would like to know about Qt is documented :)

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