[Solved] Download Error

  • Download error
    to download a console returns the following error:

    bq. Frame load interrupted by policy change

    @<a href="app.exe">Start Download</a>@

    Console Preview:
    !http://i.stack.imgur.com/dwaSI.png(Console Webkit Qt)!

    What could it be?

  • I discovered.
    In conventional Webkit browsers, the place to download the console shows how the request canceled, so before turning to "download manager" of the browser the request should be canceled.

    @ //replace [QWebView] by your WebView
    connect([QWebView]->page(), SIGNAL(unsupportedContent(QNetworkReply*)),
    this, SLOT(downloadContent(QNetworkReply*)));

    void [main class]::downloadContent(QNetworkReply *reply){
     //Replace "[main class]" by "Class" having the signs used in WebView.
     //solution: stop loading --replace [QWebView] by your WebView
     /*function to donwload*/

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