Resizing pixmaps inside QGraphicsScene when the scene is resized

  • Hi there!
    I have a window which looks like this :
    What I want to do is a Game of 15 - I have to put multiple images in a grid inside this QGraphicsScene but the thing is, I want them to resize when I resize this window.
    The widgets inside the window resize automatically as they're inside a QGridLayout but I cant get the images inside the QGraphicsScene to resize.
    How do I do that?

    Thanks in advance!

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    you could zoom the graphicsview in the resizeEvent. The following code ensures that the image grid (bounding rect) is always visible inside the graphcisview.
    void MyGraphicsView::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent* event)

     QSize viewportSize = this->viewport().size();
     QSize imageGridSize = ...; //size of all images (bounding rect)
     qreal factor = viewportSize.width() / imageGridSize.width();
     if( viewportSize.height() < (imageGridSize * factor).height() )
        factor *= viewSize.height() / (imageSize * factor).height();
     QTransform transform = this->transform();
           transform.scale(factor, factor);


  • Zooming sounds like a good idea, shouldn't I zoom scene according to graphicsview size though?

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    this may work in some cases... but resizing to the viewport's size is the correct way since this is the visible area where your items are rendered onto.

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