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[Solved]Signal slot mechanism across classes not working

  • I have a big application i am working on lately,and I am focusing on GUI customization.In the gui classes of the project I have a pushbutton that I use to trigger a mechanism that is implemented in another class that uses delegates.Here is my code section for the connection:
    @ connect(UBApplication::boardController->paletteManager()->getRemovePageButton(),SIGNAL(clicked()),

    The first pointer points to my GUI pushbutton and the second slot emulates a click on a delegate button .In that slot I simply call the function below to emit the clicked signal on the delegate button.
    @void DelegateButton::simulateClickOnCrossButton()
    emit clicked();

    The project compiles and runs but nothing happens on the button click.The Q_OBJECT macro is present in the code and I am running qmake on every compile i am doing.

    Any Ideas or hints on how to handle this would be appreciated.I am not very comfortable with delegates and I think the problem might be there somehow.


  • Nailed it,was operating on the wrong class.Sorry.

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