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Changing in .qrc file not reflecting after recompilation

  • Hello All,

    In my GUI application I have generated .qrc file containing XML files. I am applying some changes in some of XML file's data and trying to recompile my application, But that changes not showing at run time execution.

    Even I tried with deletion of old .qrc and generated new one but no change just giving same result as got with previous one.
    Please suggest me, what should I do to resolve this?


  • Moderators

    It should work on recompile, or at least on full rebuild (clean, rebuild). Check your paths, maybe you are including some old versions of your files in .qrc definition?

  • Thanks sierdzio for reply,

    I have selected new version of my file.
    To get file I am using following code.

    QFile xmlFile(fileName);

    I have made XMLFiles.qrc.

  • Moderators

    Take a look into XMLFiles.qrc, then (it's a standard text file) to see if paths are correct. If you are using shadow building, make sure you clean the build directory. It really should work, and usually does so without problems, at least in my case.

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