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Why in Qt Prjoect Settings in Qt Modules in QT SDK 5.0.2 some features are disabled?

  • Please could anyone tell me why in Visual Studio when i create a project and after in QT Project Settings in QT Modules some features are disabled: 3D, Bluetooth, Contacts, Location, Organizer, Phonon, Publish and subscribe, Sensors, Service framework, System info, Versit? I`m using Visual Studio 2012, Qt 5.0.2 LGPL, Windows 8 x64.

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    Those modules are not part of Qt 5.0, either because they are not of good enough quality yet, or because nobody is actively maintaining them. Qt Sensors will be in Qt 5.1.

    The list of official Qt 5.0 modules are at

    Phonon is no longer part of Qt -- it is maintained by KDE. However, the Qt Multimedia module is meant to be a replacement for Phonon.

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