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How to add Qt widget (Template = app)

  • Hey, I have been going through the qt widgets on http://qt-apps.org/ and quite a few of them seem interesting. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a guide on how to use them. The closest thing I have found is the "Custom Widget Plugin Example" tutorial, which is still quite a bit different from my goal.

    I simply want to use the downloaded widgets, is there any documentation on how to do this? I feel like a moron for asking such a simple question but I honestly cannot find the answer.

    Thank you

  • Hi there,

    Depending on how the widgets are packaged, you may have to either:

    1. Include the source in your project or
    2. Link to the widget lib in your project (and include the relevant headers) or
    3. Add it as a plugin for QtCreator.

    I've written a very basic chart widget if you want an example of how to build a library and include it in your application:


    Hope that helps.

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