Trigering a repaint event

  • Hi all,I am trying to get a window to be repainted after some set up and I find it weird that it is not being repainted after calling update() .I have even called repaint() on the window and nothing happened.Has anybody run into such a problem before ?If yes I would really appreciate it if you shared.


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    Are updates enabled (QWidget::setUpdatesEnabled)? Or are we talking about QtQuick? Then you need to set the item dirty (QQuickItem::ItemHasContents) before it will update. See "the doc":

  • I checked that the updates are enabled and they are.I have tried every idea I could come up with and no luck so far.Here is what I want to achieve.I have a bunch of control buttons on my main window and I want to use them to control the position of the palettes(LEFT/RIGHT).

    Here is my slot that responds to a button push:
    @void UBBoardPaletteManager::leftRightButtonClicked()


    and in the constructor of the palette I made sure that updates are enabled by the following code:

    @UBLeftPalette::UBLeftPalette(QWidget *parent, const char *name):
    UBDockPalette(eUBDockPaletteType_LEFT, parent)



    With this setup it is my belief that after the button is pushed ,the palette(widget) should automatically be redrawn and positioned where i want it to be.

    Is something wrong with my idea flow?Thanks for your time.

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