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QCombobox: Different column for showing and holding data

  • Hello there,
    this is probably a basic problem, but i couldn't google it anywhere:(

    I have a QDataWidgetMapper connected to a QComboBox.
    QComboBox's model has 2 columns:
    [0] -> Column which has the primary keys.
    [1] -> Column which has the the data to show.

    The model which QDataWidgetMapper uses has only the Primary key value.

    Is it possible to pass column [0] values to QComboBox and it sets the associated column [1] data to show in its dropdown.

    My english is not the best hope its understandable.

    Thx in advance.

  • For QComboBox we can use "addItem()": where we can also pass a QVariant to it. For eg

    @m_actionCombo->addItem(column[1]_data, QVariant::fromValue(column[0]));@

    Hope it helps.

  • Well, not quite what i'm looking for.

    I've had a lot of attempts (changing QComboBoxs view, Experimtenting with QRelational, ...) without success and went to sleep. Now i got up and it hit me.

    Now it looks like this:

    // mapper to the comboBox:
    m_mapper.addMapping(m_expansion.comboBox, CModels::CardItemExpansion, "currentValue");

    //slot called when the main models currentIndex changes:
    void CEdit::setIndex(int index) {

    int rowCount = m_expansion.comboBox->model()->rowCount();
    QVariant value = m_expansion.comboBox->property("currentValue");
    for (int i = 0; i < rowCount; ++i) {
    if (m_expansion.comboBox->model()->index(i, CModels::ExpansionId).data() == value) {

    Thx anyway
    If u have a more elegant solution i'm all ears :)

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