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Qt Creator and private GIT repositories

  • Hello together,

    is there a way to handling username and password for git repositories in the QtCreator 2.7?

    At the moment I use the address with this additional parts (like "http://username:password@repository/git/foo.git") and add this to my Remote repositories (very bad, because the password is visible). And now I have to set the upstream for the master branch at the command line (git push set upstream <RemoteName> master. And the I can use the internal Qt mechanism.


  • I am not aware of support for HTTP-based authentication in Creator.

    Can you use SSH-key based authentication? That is the most elegant way of authenticating with git. It also uses a more efficient protocol than git-over-http.

  • The problem is that QtCreator uses the command line git tool and this asks about user and password during the connection process.

    But your answer gives me the energy to establish the SSH components on my windows PC. And now I have access to my repository.


  • Looking into using libgit to get this worknig is on my todo list for a long time now... The problem is that this will be a huge change and I have not even found the time to investigate whether libgit would work for us at all.

    Anyway: Patches would be very much appreciated there... Just saying:-)

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