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Question about Signing and Publishing Qt Symbian apps

  • Hi everybody,
    I read and searched for different notes about Signing and Publishing Qt Symbian Applications, but still dont understand some points, may be i missed something.
    I started with developers certificate to develop and test my application. I know that developers certificate is limited on 10 IMEIs, and its ok for test purposes.
    Now i'm at point where i should publish my application. It has to be installed on different devices(not limited or big amount of phones).
    Here i'm not really sure what should i choose next, cause i'm not sure i understood everything correct. So what i found is: i have 2 possibilities and need in both cases the PublisherID:

    • Development Certificate for up to 1000 IMEI;
    • Express Signed**

    My Questions are :
    1)Must i in both cases prepare (for both methods above) and share my software for different devices JUST from NOKIA STORE? Or there is also an option to let it signed with one of the 2 methods above but share IT NOT via Nokia Store, but myself (cause i have ot make special configurations)?
    2)I didnt find exact prices, for publisherID and farther costs (just info that its ab to 215 $), where i can find more price information, before i create my publisher account?

    Thank you in advance,
    (and sorry for my bad english ;))

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    You should most likely ask Nokia this kind of question (this site is no longer associated with them) for up-to-date information.

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