QT Creator complier/debugger noob question

  • Hello.
    Im running windows7 64 bit, vs2012 pro and intel chipset processer.

    I downloaded and installed Qt 5.0.2 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2012, 500 MB) (Info)
    Despite having vs2102 i would like to use QTCreator as the IDE
    Im not clear what is and is not in this.

    1. Does this install come with the vs2012 compiler included (the example programs run fine but not debugger)and i then have to download and install the windows debugger separately ?
    2. Or does it use the compiler automatically from my vs2012 install, and if so why not use the debugger as well.

    The default kit shows the compiler as Compiler visual c++ 11.0 (amd64).

    1. does this mean it is using compiler for AMD chipset instruction code or does it mean it is compiler for intel 64 bit code ?
    2. under qt versions what is the qmake.exe file for ?

    And why is there a binary install called Qt 5.0.2 for Windows 32-bit (VS 2010, OpenGL, 476 MB) (Info) ?
    Is opengl functions only available in this binary download ?>

    thanks in advance for assistance.

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    No, you need to install the compiler yourself. MS licensing prohibits bundling it inside Qt.

    You can see what Qt Creator uses, including full compiler and debugger setup in Preferences->Build & Run->Kits

    amd64 is the same as x86-64. In short, it means it will compile in 64 bit. This does not mean the IA-64 architecture (Intel Itanium).

    Qt Creator relies on qmake to gather information about the Qt version you have installed (it's possible to have several Qt versions on your machine simultaneously). Qmake itself is a build system that Qt and a lot of Qt-based projects use. It generates Makefiles for make/ nmake.

    Qt uses OpenGL as cross-platform accelerated graphics API. On windows, some PC do not have OpenGL installed, so for those Qt ships linked against ANGLE (which uses DirectX). So: OpenGL package uses OpenGL as on any other platform, the "non-openGL" uses ANGLE.

  • So if i want to build opengl applications you are saying i have to use this distribution.

    Qt 5.0.2 for Windows 32-bit (VS 2010, OpenGL, 476 MB) (Info)

    Correct ?

    What if i dont have vs2010, which i dont.
    What if i want to build 64 bit apps, which i do ?
    What if i want to build opengl apps and dont have visual studio of any kind ?

    Am i missing something about being able to customize the environment after install for all these options ?


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    Qt itself is cross platform, this includes the graphics stack. You can use OpenGL in your code regardless of which package you install. It's only about linking against available drivers - if you have OpenGL drivers, you can use the OpenGL package. If you don't have them, go for Angle (that fixes you at OpenGL ES 2.0, though).

    You only need the compiler. MSVC 2010 is available in Microsoft SDK 7.1, and MSVS Express - both can be downloaded for free. You can also go for MinGW compiler, or even clang if you are brave.

    You need a 64 bit compiler then. Both MSVC and MinGW have 64 bit versions, AFAIK.

    No problem there. All Qt needs is a compiler, you don't need the whole Visual Studio IDE. You can use the splendid Qt Creator, or even a notepad, to write your code.

    I don't know. Are you? If you want more control, you can compile Qt yourself and choose config options by hand. I won't recommend that if you are new to Qt, though.

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