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Media PLayer Shared Volumen ?

  • Good day.

    I have a big problem.

    In my qml file, I have 2 MediaPlayers. One in video, and other in audio.

    @ MediaPlayer {
    id: video
    source: "video.mp4"
    autoPlay: false
    volume: 0.1
    VideoOutput {
    id: videoOutput
    fillMode: VideoOutput.Stretch
    source: video

        MediaPlayer {
           id: audio
           source: "audio.mp3"
           autoPlay: false    
           volume: 1.0

    I play the video and the audio. All fine until here.
    When the video is finish, and I play the audio again, this play with volume of 0.1, the same of the video.

    Please help me.

  • any answer?, please

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