What is the "OpenGL" difference between the two windows 32-bit (VS 2010) installer ?

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    I just notice that the binairies are differents and that the "without opengl" installation contains some libraries named GLES...


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    OpenGL links against OpenGL on your system. The other installation contains and is linked against ANGLE - it uses DirectX instead of OpenGL.

  • Yes as sierdzio says which means that if you opt for the "opengl" package then your applications can make use of whatever OpenGL version your system supports (up to 4.3 depending on hw and drivers). If you go for the ANGLE based package then you are limited to OpenGL ES 2.

  • Thanks all, It's more clear now ;)

  • Does the ANGLE version requires any pre installation steps ?

  • As long as you have DirectX available it should work. Please be aware it only provides OpenGL ES 2 though, not full OpenGL.

  • What restraints will I have ?
    Will I be able to work with QtQuick2 ?

  • Yes QQ2 will work for the shipped content. Custom items that you write will only be able to use OpenGL ES 2. Compare the specs for ES2 versus regular OpenGL.

  • Thanks ZapB !

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