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Memory Editor, data breakpoints not working in Qt Creator 2.7.0 / OS X

  • I'm having trouble with Qt Creator 2.7.0 on an OS X 10.8.2 system - most things work, but I can't use the memory editor or data breakpoints. Most of the items in the context menu like "Open Memory View at Object Address" are disabled. Only the last two items "Open Memory Editor Showing Stack Layout" and "Open Memory Editor..." are enabled, but don't do anything at all. Data breakpoints also don't work - selecting "Add Data Breakpoint at expression..." doesn't result in a breakpoint being created.

    Loading the same project into a Win7 installation of Qt 5.0.2 / Qt Creator 2.7.0 and building using MinGW results in a working project with correctly working memory editor and data breakpoints.

    Is this a bug or perhaps is there a setting I'm missing?

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