At a loss

  • How can I have this only be shown is a specific state?

    @ ListView {
    width: 800; height: 600
    FolderListModel {
    id: folderModel
    nameFilters: ["*.jpg"]
    folder: "film_images"
    Component {
    id: fileDelegate
    Column {
    Image {
    width: 165; height: 244
    // fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit
    smooth: true
    source: folderModel.folder + "/" + fileName
    Text { text: fileName }
    orientation: ListView.Horizontal
    spacing: 42
    x: 260
    model: folderModel
    delegate: fileDelegate

  • It is not clear what you are trying to accomplish here.

  • visible: state=="specific_state"

    Do you need this?

  • Thanks.
    I have another question.
    Instead of the images being loaded from a folder can I have the images come from a .js

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