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Is there a picture showing what the Qt Icons and Interface locations means?

  • Looking over the Qt interface sometimes, I can't really tell what everything does even if I dig through the wiki and forums. Is there a picture or place that shows\explains what the various icons including the ones in Class View and the rest of Qt mean?

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    I can't really understand your question.
    Do you mean Qt or QtCreator?

    If QtCeator, then there are a lot of info covered here
    After going through those links you should be fairly familiar with the IDE.

  • Yes, in that area. In the Project Contents area of QtCreator. There's the Class tree which it shows, but it doesn't show some of the other icons that the Project Contents Browser uses, like the blue and red bars, etc.

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    Well, for the class view it's just easiest to double click them and you'll see what they are. there's not that much of them, explore a little ;)

    • Yellow cards - enums
    • Yellow cards with a white one - enum value
    • Red bars - methods and functions
    • Blue bars - variables,constants, typedefs etc.
    • Yellow-red-blue bars - classes
    • Black dots - namespaces

    Project and File system views use whatever file icons you have associated with your file extensions and will vary from system to system.

  • Thank you very much. :3 There wasn't very many detailed pictures in the IDE interface page. I've been exploring this interface and C++ for the past 2 weeks without any prior experience and its been fun so far, if a bit frustrating with C++ being a complex logic's puzzle.

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    No problem. More things will become logical and obvious the more you use them. C++ is a "large" language with a lot of tooling around it. Just don't be discouraged, it tends to be very rewarding after somewhat difficult beginnings.

  • @Chris-Kawa In your first reply the link is broken.

    On the Class View, the red (or magenta) Icons, there is also the sub-icons, the key, the lock, or none, which mean protected, private and public (right?) The ones that look like a comb with teeth on the upper left edge are slots.

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    @harveyab It was ok 2 years ago when I posted it :) I updated it now.

    Yes, the basic rundown of the Class View icons is like this:

    Class View image

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    @Chris-Kawa, very informative! Would you be willing to post that on the Wiki? (Say, a page like "Qt Creator Class View")

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    @JKSH Sure, here's the link: Qt Creator Class View. I updated the picture to include namespaces and some other constructs.

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