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Missing Qt5Core.dll

  • I have just updated to Qt 5.0.2. But I can not find the location of Qt5Core.dll and some others ( Qt5Webkit, Qt5Gui, Qt5Widgets ...). There are many problems with Qt Webkit version 5.0.1 so I want to update to 5.0.2. Please help me.


  • Hi,

    what do you means with "I have just updated to Qt 5.0.2." ??

    • Have you downloaded and installed binary package?
    • Have you compiled from sources?

    I used Windows Binary Package and it's ok

  • Can you give more detail about your issue?

    Where you can find the error Message? When you run the program or you build the program?


  • Hi,
    I am using Qt version 5.0.1. After update to 5.0.2, some dll files in lib directory such as Qt5Core.dll, Qt5Webkit.dll, Qt5Gui.dll, Qt5Widgets.dll ... are disappeared. But I found them in bin directory . Sorry for this question.

    @Nguyen: Bạn có thể cho mình xin nick để liên lạc được không. Hiện tại mình đang gặp 1 số vấn đề với QtWebkit.

  • In Windows version, DLL's are always in bin directory

  • I was also facing the same problem of qt5cored.dll missing when i tried to run exe from the debug directory. The solution is that we have to set the path for the system variables under Environment variables dialog box that appears after clicking 'system properties->Advanced' tab of windows 7. So type the following text line ahead the existing path.
    This resolves all the dependencies.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @vinod Hi, this is the wrong solution.

    If you want to call your application from the explorer you should follow the same steps as if you would deploy your application on another machine. Modifying your PATH environment variable like that means that any application installed using Qt dynamically will now use the one you have in C:\Qt\Qt5.4.1\5.4\mingw491_32\bin which is not something you want.

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