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Visual Studio addin wiki page + installation

  • I just set up the VS2012 addin, and while it works, it seems like there are a few things that need updating:

    • the wiki page has old build instructions, which don't work any more because ComWrapper is gone. I was able to figure this out by looking at the changelog, but this should be spelled out there.
    • The addin file is for VS2008 - and won't work for VS2012. Minor change, the version needs to go from 9.0 to 11.0, but again not obvious.
    • the wiki page also gives no real installation instructions. The folder with the various build objects needs to go somewhere (for instance, in the VS addins folder), and then the addin file needs to point to the DLL within that file.

    Is this just in the works, or can someone get to this? It'd be a real help for future people. It'd also be nice if there was a VS2012 build for the addin, but I suppose that's a separate issue.

  • welcome to devnet

    Thanks for bringing up the issue. Wiki pages are part of as devnet and are maintained through the community. You can update the wiki page yourself. On the right is a block "Wiki menu" which has an edit button.
    Since you have figured out the issues you are the best fit for explaining. There is no obvious restriction, so you should be able to do also as new member of devnet community.

  • Thanks for the information. I've never been part of any dev community, actually... It feels good to be able to do something.

    The updated wiki is at . I kept the old instructions, but I don't think they work since the 1.2.1 commit. I'd appreciate any input (though I don't suppose there's much to input), I've only actually tested this with VS2012, as it's all I've got.

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    Thanks for your efforts! Yes, that's the power of an open-source project -- anyone is welcome to contribute :) You might also be interested in

    I don't use the VS plugin myself so I can't comment on the instructions, but I noticed a few references to "VS2003" -- are they meant to be updated?

  • Thanks also from my side for your contribution. It looks really great!

    Two minor comments from my side. VS2003 as noted by JKSH is a point. I assume it comes from history or is somehow in the downloaded source and therefore continued to use. It looks a bit out of place, especially since you need at least vs2008 or newer. Since it is only the name of a folder, maybe it is time to rename it simply to vsaddin or something.
    The other thing is that might want to highlight that you used VS2012. It is implicitly in there, but it may help others with an older version to pay attention, in case of deviations.

  • The VS2003 references (actually, Qt4 too) are part of the directory structure. I'm not part of the dev team (and I'm not sure I'd feel entirely comfortable being a dev, seeing as I'm not exactly that good) so I can't change that. As far as updating it, it might make sense to fork the source into the Qt4 plugin and the Qt5 plugin, as has been done with the main Qt SDK.

    I did add a notice about the version compatibility. It looks visible enough.

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    Hmm, the directory structure needs changing then :)

    Again, here's the beauty of open-source: People don't have to be part of "the dev team" to get involved. Anyone can sign the Contributor License Agreement and submit patches. It doesn't have to be fancy, and you don't need to be a master programmer -- I even submitted a "trivial typo fix":,sidebyside,52649,1,src/widgets/dialogs/qwizard.cpp recently. Reviewers will then help you to polish the patch if necessary, and someone in the Approver's group will give it a tick of approval before it gets merged into the code base. It's a really safe process.

    But anyway, if you don't feel up to submitting a patch, you can still help make the change happen by "filing a bug report or suggestion": . The Wiki notice is a good start too.

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