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Is there such think or close to this in Qt

  • hey
    i need to implement visual programming like blockly ?
    or mybe you know good c++ open source that i can port to Qt

  • It can be done with Qt. But needs some Qt skills. Qt supports DockingWidgets and Custom widget forms.

    And I think it is much easy to implement in QML. Look for QML examples like puzzle etc...

  • Programming using graphical programming languages is kinda tricky to me.
    Take LabVIEW for example. I am quite an experienced programmer in LabVIEW, however performing operations on strings, for example, is a real pain. In case like those it is far easier a text based language such as C or C++.

    In my opinion the greatest advantage in a graphical programming language is that it is easier to see the program flow and execution.

  • You are right QTDavid , but for my app i need ability for graphical programming .
    and this blockly concept is great

  • Yes, it actually looks pretty good, thank you for sharing it.
    Qt actually allows you to create UIs with graphical interfaces. However if you need some more complicated interaction with the objects in the UI that needs to be specified in the source code.

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