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Qt5 QCamera in windows environment - Unable to change any camera settings

  • So i have been smashing my head against the wall for a while now with this issue. I am simply unable to change the resolution and frame rate of the Webcam. I have even tested my code in linux environment and it works fine there but nothing seems to change the settings when i try them with windows 7.

    Since there is no direct way to change the resolution i have been trying to use the QMediaRecorder workaround, the main part of the code looks like this and works fine with linux as i said before. In windows it shows the video but the resolution is the defautl 640x480.

    @ camera = new QCamera(parent);
    vwidget = new VideoWidget(QSize(1280,720));
    recorder = new QMediaRecorder(camera);
    QVideoEncoderSettings videoSettings = recorder->videoSettings();
    videorendercontrol = qobject_cast<QVideoRendererControl *>(camera->service()->requestControl("org.qt-project.qt.videorenderercontrol/5.0"));

    So what i am asking is it even possible to change the resolution in windows environment at the moment without getting some external libraries? And if it is how is it done?

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