How to store the text entered in LineEdit?

  • I am a new bie to Qt. I hope you guys can help me to solve my problem. I want to store (save) the user entered text of a QLineEdit. I want to store this in a string list. Also i have to check whether the user entered text is already stored. If the text is already stored then it should not store again. Please help...

  • You can add a QLineEdit and QPushButton in your mainwindow and connect the QPushButton clicked() signal to a slot.

    @void MainWindow::on_addButton_clicked()
    QString text = ui->lineEdit->text();

    if (!list.contains(text))


    You can also check for CaseSensitivity.

  • Well, Qt is great is doing something like that.
    Connect the signal of the LineEdit editingFinished() to a slot in your class (probably your main window.
    connect(ui->lineEditName, SIGNAL(editingFinished()), this, SLOT(MyReceivingSlot())
    btw: the ui-> comes from the designer created widget.

    The code for that slot:
    void MainWindow::MyReceivingSlot(void)
    if (m_MyList.contains(ui->lineEditName.text()) == false)
    Of course the m_MyList is a member of the MainWindow class.
    btw the MyReceivingSlot must be a slot and not a standard private or public function. (just saying it because your a rooky here ;-))
    That is basic how you could do it.

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