Qt 5.0.1 with OpenGL desktop and msvc2010

  • I successfully built qt 5.0.1 with the configure flags -opengl desktop, added the new qt path to my environment variables, and then tried to switch my 4.8.3 project over to 5.0.1. My project is a comprehensive 3d toolkit which uses opengl for the engine - the version of opengl supported by my graphics card is 4.3.

    Well my toolkit compiles and runs fine on 4.8.3 - I use glew for extension loading and so I had to compile without ES2. I got the project to compile with 5.0.1 but it immediately crashes with a memory access error. Looking at my engine debug log I found that it was trying to compile my shaders with opengl 1.2 - so I made a QGLFormat, changed the version to 4.3, and passed it in to the QGLWidget cunstructor. Now the log says the shader is compiling with version 4.3, but still crashes.

    Doing some investigation I found that the problem is some of the gl functions are not being given correct function pointers - though glewInit() says that it was successful in setting up openGL. Some gl functions work (it is able to create shaders with gl calls) but the first function that fails is glGenFrameBuffers...

    I think the problem is that somehow GLEW is trying to initialize function pointers using older openGL version (hence no glGenFrameBuffers) but if that's the problem I have no idea how to fix it.

    Again - everything works fine when linked with the Qt 4.8.3 libraries - but not Qt 5.0.1 with -opengl desktop flags...

    Please help me resolve this issue.. Thanks for your time

    EDIT : I have checked GLEW - it is recognizing the correct version of openGL.. I don't know what's going on

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