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QPixmap::handle() in Qt5

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to port an application to Qt5 and I'm having issues with QPixmap::handle() it used to return a QT::HANDLE which was in fact a Xlib Pixmap object.
    It now returns QPlatformPixmap.
    I'm using a proprietary library that uses a Xlib Pixmap to draw 'stuff' in it, which was working like a charm with the handle() function.
    Is there a way to do that in Qt5 ?

  • QPixmap doc mumbles something about x11PictureHandle, but the only thing I can find is QWidget::x11PictureHandle (undocumented). I hope you can squeeze some useful information out of this incomplete doc :(

  • you will need to write a low level port of the proprietary library it seems ... I don't know if this link is of any help "Pixmap KDE":

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